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The MOOC Institute is offering great opportunities for people who want to be a part of the research and findings in the developments in MOOCs. We are looking for like-minded and passionate people to contribute to the MOOC Institute.


Research and Admin Intern

In this entry-level position, the successful candidate will be trained to perform desk-based research activities related to functional areas of our projects including, but not limited to, researching, evaluating, and testing; planning and executing small projects.

Social Media and Communications Intern


The successful candidate will support the day-to-day programs to grow engagement, brand recognition, and brand affinity, and ultimately increase the MOOC's audience. The position requires to maintain a regular posting schedule of content and editorial pieces across all MOOC platforms. Using social media influence metrics, the candidate will also create reports on the growth in social media presence. Lastly, the position will involve designing and developing strategies to increase following and engagement for all social media accounts.


To find out more please click on the position which interests you and apply, we would love to hear from you!

Funding in the form of a research grant is also available. Successful applicants will receive support throughout their research process all the way to publication. 

MOOCs have opened the door for so many. They have provided a wide variety of courses to so many individuals. If you are an individual wishing to contribute to this field, please apply by sending your CV and a short paragraph explaining why you are interested in applying.  We would love to welcome you to the MOOC institute and continue making education better and more accessible!

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